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Episode #027 – How Do I Ask For More Money To Coincide With My Expanded Role?

This week’s question comes from Preston, who asks, “I am a graphic designer by training, but have been working for a family business for about 6 months and doing less graphic design and marketing as the days go by. Because of my great computer skills and ability to find things on the internet, I’ve turned into the de facto business manager and HR department. I have helped installed a new payroll system, chased down payments on late invoices and two weeks ago, consoled a crying employee after she was chewed out, with good reason, by the patriarch of the family and the head of the business. This is not what I signed up for, and this is not what my level of pay would suggest I should be willing to do. How do I go about asking for a new contract to match the expanded duties?”

This Week’s Business Questions Asked Here: How do you manage situations of being unfairly taken advantage of with ‘other duties as assigned?’ (answer in the comments)

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