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About The Podcast

Business Questions Answered Here began as an idea proposed to be a sponsored radio segment where local business people and experts would answer general questions from listeners making efforts toward self-employment and entrepreneurship. When no sponsors could be found to man the segment, it was retooled as a podcast.

Every week, J Cleveland Payne spotlights a question submitted to the website, and offers answers using his own experience in business (the successes as well as the failures) and enlisting the help of other business owners and experts.

About J Cleveland Payne

J Cleveland Payne is an author and radio personality with and over 30-year fascination with leadership, professional, and personal development. His online entrepreneurial journey started in 1997 while in college by working freelance projects in website design and online content management for various campus clubs and fraternities. He continues today through consulting, coaching, training, producing, and some reluctant website and graphic design work.

Payne received a B.S. in Human Resource Management from Louisiana Tech University in 1997 after ‘spectacularly’ failing out of the Electrical Engineering program. After serving five years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, he took a weekend radio gig that was meant to be a time killer until he applied to Law School. That part-time board-op work surprised everyone as it transformed into second act career in broadcasting, where Payne spent years on the phones with everyone from politicians to Pornstars, listening to stories being crafted and learning how to craft his own more effectively.

Radio continues to be his first love and primary source of income, working full time as a radio station Program Director and Operations Manager. Despite the ‘plans’ for going to Law School, Payne eventually earned his M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix-Little Rock Campus in 2013. Initially unsure of what to do with his new degree, Payne drew on his life-long interest in leadership and personal development to expand his current entrepreneurial efforts into training and coaching.

Payne currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with his wife and daughter.