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Episode #026 – Is The ‘Coaching’ Industry Full Of Scammers?

This week’s question comes from Diana, who asks, “They seem like all the rage for people making money online. They also seem like low barrier to entry scams. I’ve been searching online for basic information to get my business started, and now I am being bombarded with webinar invites and inquiry emails from ‘coaches’ of all kinds, each touting the best ‘system’ to help me well beyond a little hand holding to file my paperwork. I’m sure some are legit in the way they help people who are stuck in the process, but I’ve seen too many glossy copy-cat websites to believe there are this many people using the internet to sell this many courses, and that all of them are making a good living doing this. Is the ‘coaching’ industry a den of lies, or am I making too much of the seemingly easy path it takes to become a coach of whatever discipline you choose?”

This Week’s Business Questions Asked Here: Do you have an business or accountability coach? (answer in the comments)

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