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Episode #028 – Does Marketing With Free Giveaways Really Work?

This week’s question comes from Janae, who asks, “I manage a concierge messenger and shipping service in a major metropolitan area, with the luxury of founding the business with great friends for college. Most of our new customers are coming from word of mouth referrals, but our service is gaining notoriety in the city. One of the partners brought back our college days, and suggested that we put our logo on t-shirts, water bottles, and notepads for giveaways to bring in a few more customers. I remember t-shirt giveaways as being cheesy, and don’t see a real gain for us with this as an expense. Does marketing with free handouts work for real businesses?”

This Week’s Business Questions Asked Here: Is free stuff an appealing thing for you when you are being marketed to? (answer in the comments)

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