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Episode #013 – Is Crowdfunding A Business Project A Bad Idea? (Trev)

This week’s question comes from Trev, who is trying not to be distracted at work with a fun side project, but sees the potential to work on it if they can quickly bring in some development cash. The ‘question’ reads:

“I teamed up with two other freelancer programmers to create an LLC to produce larger software projects through. We have two programs fighting for development time. One is a CRM platform that we promote as simple for any small business owner to adopt, which is nearing the release of version 3. The other is a Multiplayer puzzle game that grew out of a late night hack session. The CRM is paying for itself, so any new development work is an investment in the continued life of the project. The puzzle game is fun to play, but all work is coming from spare time or ‘stolen’ work time. Crowdfunding has become a big deal, but as a person who has been burned personally by some vaporware product creators, I’m not so sure it work well with our ‘business.’ The other two guys see it as a way to get some cash upfront so we can get some real work done and this project as well. Is this a good way to go?”

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