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Episode #014 – Why Aren’t They Selecting Work From The Low Bidder? (Arsenio)

This week’s question comes from Arsenio. He got to green light to try to extend the reach of his family’s business, but his main tactic of proposing low bids is always on the losing end. The question reads:

“My father and grandfather are general contractors. Seeing that I was antsy about waiting for one of them to give be a bigger role in the family business, they gave the blessing to an idea I had for expansion just outside of our main focus area of business. That blessing came purposely with ‘no professional or parental consulting’ which is why I am asking this question here, and not badgering them. I am bidding for smaller jobs to make sure I don’t put a burden on the work already contracted, using our company’ reputation for good work to get the meetings, and purposely offering lower works bids to lure a few jobs from this area’s major players. But it’s not working. I don’t want to place any large bids because I am trying to be mindful of the resources my father is sparing for me to make this work, but I don’t understand why no one is willing to get high quality work for lower than expected price. I thought low bidders always had a chance to steel work from the big boys?”

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