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Episode #009 – Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

This week’s question comes from Brandon, who is worried about the career path he has chosen and the company he chose to start it off in. The question reads:

“I’m a recent MBA grad who feels like I was sold a bill of goods when I chose the path of business and another one with the business I chose to work for. I have this expensive advanced degree that I need money to pay off, but the work I was given versus the work I was promised is mediocre. There is little movement within the firm, even though it bills internationally. The people at the top are doing great, but what I didn’t know going in was the bulk of the people in the middle stay in the middle for the duration of their careers, and the turnover at the entry level (where I am ) is brutal. There is no shot at a fast track here, and the slow and steady route might as well be torture. But if I stick around, because of the entry level turnover, I am almost guaranteed a spot stuck in the middle. I don’t know what my prospects would be if I jump ship, but I don’t see the potential I envisioned in staying here. Should I make a break for it, or hunker down and see what I can make of it here?”

And the answer?

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