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Episode #024 – Time To Get A Regular Job?

This week’s question comes from Grant, who asks, “I thought I had great ideas that would become a decent business opportunity, but its not working. I decided to take my copy writing and design skills and go freelance. I started working for a PR agency right out of school and saw the potential to scoop up all the work that was being ignore to the established business. I still live with my parents so it didn’t have to be unicorn successful, but it needed to show the potential of steady growth until real growth occurred. But there is no real growth, only scattered work and the struggle of chasing clients to get paid. But it’s only been 8 months since the jump, my parents are still supportive, but I think I’ve already been beaten. Is it time to throw in the towel and go back to a normal job?”

This Week’s Business Questions Asked Here:
When do you leave your day job? (answer in the comments)

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