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Episode #017 – How Do I Get People To Respect Continuity?

This week’s question comes from Debra. Debra is flirting with the idea of taking on the task of standardizing procedures, but fear the potential of just flirting with disaster. The question reads:

“I just got past my probation period working as an aide for a family law and accounting firm. The firm specializes in two things: handling the legal difficulties of dividing a large estate, and managing the accounting and finances for small to medium business in town that want ‘that home town feel‘ (their actually slogan). It’s a four generation business with three generations biding for control of how things are run. There isn’t so much in fighting as it is pure desire not to cooperate with stereotypical ‘generational’ values. And so, I have found that consistently between the partners is non-existent and I would like to try to work some standardization into some of the shared processes. But I’m pretty sure that would be a mistake without some serious buy in from a senior family member. Is this worth the risk for a blurb on an updated resume?”

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